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Today is the start of something new, not only the new year ahead but a new resource for those with Bi-polar disorder in the Connecticut area. I found out late in 2008 that I was Bi-polar and while it will change the way I will look at the things I have done in the past it will not change who I am and what I want for the future.

We have resources available to us, but they are not always that easy to find. I am learning a lot about being Bi-polar and about the programs that are out there. Currently I am unemployed and have no medical coverage to speak of. If you find your self in a position it can be overwhelming, what you need to remember is that you are not alone.

Anyone is welcome to to join this group weather for your own personal information or if you just want to share your story. You may change someones life, you may not. You may just say the right thing at the right time, we are living in a world where it is hard to keep a positive outlook on life.

People who do not have Bi-polar disorder can find it hard to understand us, I myself have lost my share of friends over the years. I know that many of us are on medication of some type and I realize that it is important, but I also believe that the quality of life and the ability to lead a happy and productive life is just as if not more important.

Drugs are only one end of the spectrum, but to truly change your life and be the person you want to be you need to ask yourself one question. "When did it become ok to replace hopes and dreams with medications?"

It is my hope that this group will begin to bring the other end of that spectrum into balance. You may think you can't make a difference in anyone's life much less the life of a stranger. To you I say this, No matter how bad things seem you are never in a position when you can't at least try and help someone else.

Since I am the only member of the group at the moment I do not have much more to say other than all of the information I have collected over the past two months on CT's help and resources will be posted here on or around Jan. 5, 2009.

Thank you for reading,

Silversage1031 a.k.a. Jeff
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