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Awesome Program

(FMR) Free Medicine Revolution **this site is for real**

Can you identify with any of the following situations?
- You have no health insurance coverage and cannot afford your medicine.
- You have no prescription coverage and cannot afford your medicine.
- You are underinsured and your limited prescription benefits have run out.
- You make too much to qualify for state assistance, but cannot pay for medicine.
- You are taking care of a family member or loved one in any of these situations.

Web: (FMR) Free Medicine Revolution

I signed up for this program, you can from anywhere in the USA. My meds at Wal-mart which had the best prices I could find still cost me $207 for a 15-day supply! FMR has a yearly membership fee of $50 dollars, once I was a member however my new per month cost will be $40. A savings of over $350 a month! It is not a scam, like everything else in life there is of course paperwork and time needed to complete the process.

This program will save enough money for my household to make 2 of our house payments a year.

This link will also be posted in this communities profile page as a resource.

Silversage1031, Jeffrey
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