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ct_bipolar's Journal

Connecticut Bipolar
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Today we all have resources available to us, but they are not always that easy to find. I am learning a lot about being Bi-polar and about the programs that are out there. Currently I am unemployed and have no medical coverage to speak of. If you find your self in a position it can be overwhelming, what you need to remember is that you are not alone.

Connecticut 2-1-1
United Way Infoline
1344 Silas Deane Highway
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067-1350
Hotline for suicide prevention, domestic violence shelter referral and other services.
Dial 2-1-1 for Community Resources Referrals
Out of State or other access Hotline: (800) 203-1234
Phone: (860) 571-7500
Fax: (860) 571-7525
E-mail: infoline@ctunitedway.org
Web: United Way Infoline

State of Connecticut
Capital Region Mental Health Center
500 Vine Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Mobile Crisis Team Hotline: (860) 297-0999
HOPE Team Homeless OUtreach Hotline: (860) 297-0999
Phone: (860) 297-0800
Fax: (860) 297-0914
TTY: (860) 293-6335
Web: Capital Region Mental Health Center

(FMR) Free Medicine Revolution **this site is for real**
Can you identify with any of the following situations?
- You have no health insurance coverage and cannot afford your medicine.
- You have no prescription coverage and cannot afford your medicine.
- You are underinsured and your limited prescription benefits have run out.
- You make too much to qualify for state assistance, but cannot pay for medicine.
- You are taking care of a family member or loved one in any of these situations.
Web: (FMR) Free Medicine Revolution